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Thank you for stopping by. Please take a look through this collection of my animation and video work. Feel free to contact me with inquiries, collaborations, and commissions.


I went and got a tumblr. Not gonna lie it is pretty sweet. I started posting the thumbnails from my short film on instagram and I liked how simple the iOS app made it to send through social media. It got me thinking about what was better for me to engage online. My friend Ryan and I share a disdain for the necessity of online…


HUFFPOST CHICAGO called me an artist.

Mom, guess what. The Huffington Post thinks I’m cool. To be fair, one person thinks I have cool work but this person happened to write a lovely article about my video “Mosher: Street Art”. Hit the link to check it out on HUFFPOST CHICAGO.  “Recently shared by artist and DePaul University MFA candidate Eric Paoli Infanzón (who has other cool projects to watch), the…


Discussing a “Killer” music video.

Hey folks, I’m still working on the site and getting the kinks out. It seems at the moment the RSS feed only shows Blog posts and doesn’t include my portfolio posts which are the bulk of my site’s content. While I work on that go check out the new music video I directed for Blue Redder –


Is there anybody in there?

Yeah man, there is. —- Dear Reader, I and I been pretty busy as of late. Its been a lot of work to get all the content up on the site. Sorry I’ve been neglectful of my blog fan base, which if my notifications are any indication, consist of mostly of spammers and perhaps a ne’er-do-well or two sweet enough…

deptOfficeRenders_SB-02 with FInalGather

Mental Ray and Area Lights or My Friend Final Gather

Originally, we started researching ways to cut down the hotspots. Adam found an article [Evernote article: Area Lights 101] that covered area lights and mental ray from there I’ve gone ahead and made some adjustments. The biggest revelation was about Final Gather. Below, you can tell the difference from having the lights with out and with it. deptOfficeRenders_SB-01.png   deptOfficeRenders_SB-02…


The Cast Thus Far – 001

I present to you the cast of ART SCHOOL’D. Thus far. I’ve shown the image to a few folks and the reactions have been positive. Overall, I feel good about the character design. NOTES Some changes I’ve made to the original models Scale Hop Kiddo up, humility not necessary. Farter needs more personality. Goofier and vulnerable. Scale Gruff Girl up and Coy Teacher…